Tenerife Sea | A Moodboard

A few days ago I was listening to music while getting some work done and Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran came on, and I started thinking about how calming the ocean is, both in nature and color. Before I knew it, I was creating a board of soothing blues and shimmering golds on Pinterest. So, I thought I'd share a bit of the colors that have been inspiring my creativity lately.


4 Gal-entine's Day DIY Gift Ideas

galentines day diy gift ideas

With Valentine's day being a week away, and since not everyone has a significant other to spend the holiday with, I thought I'd share some cute diy gift ideas that could help show the love to our bestest of friends!


9 Valentine's Day Meal Ideas

9 Valentine's Day Meal Ideas

Nothing says, "I love you," like homemade food. So, this Valentine's Day, instead of buying a meal, show you're special someone how much you care by feeding them food made with love. 


Winter Night In

There's nothing like a good night out, but sometimes this winter weather isn't the best for going out. Personally, I love the winter and all that comes with it, but I must admit that these weather conditions sometimes make it hard to enjoy a night out. It's no fun getting all dressed up to go out, just to cover it up with heavy layers to trek through inches of snow and stay warm. But just because I can't go out, doesn't mean that I can't have a good time.