Affordable Natural Hair Starter Kit

natural hair starter kit
When I started my natural/healthy hair journey a little over a year and a half ago, I spent a lot of time reading blogs and watching youtube videos on going natural. And, although most of them were helpful, they mostly recommended products that were a bit pricey.

Being a college student, I couldn't always afford the really expensive stuff like Shea Moisture or Carol's Daughter. I had to find other alternatives that worked just as well. For the past few months I've been using some products that work amazing on almost all hair types and are budget friendly. I wish I had known about some of these products when starting my hair journey; I would've saved so much money!

So, to help new naturals (or current naturals looking to save some money), I've come up with some basic natural hair products that will give you fabulous results but won't ruin your wallet.



Shampoo - I recommend a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates tend to dry out natural hair while sulfate free shampoos get your hair really clean without striping or drying out your hair. My favorite inexpensive, sulfate free shampoos are the Organix (OGX). They offer a large variety of sulfate free shampoos that target different hair issues. Prices range between $4.99-$7.99 depending on where you purchase it.

Conditioners - Personally, I think conditioners are way more important than shampoos because most naturals co-wash their hair more often than they shampoo it. My #1 recommendation for conditioner is Aussie Moist. It has amazing slip, smells great, leaves your hair super soft, and the family size (29 oz.) is only $5! My bottle lasted about 2 1/2 months and I use a lot of conditioner!

Deep Conditioner/Hair Mask - No matter where you are in your natural hair journey, deep conditioners are an absolute must have. This is the only hair product that I don't mind splurging on, but I do have a few wallet friendly faves. Hask has a variety of deep conditioners that focus on areas such as moisturizing and repairing and they are only $5. This Proclaim hair masque is also really great and only $5.

Leave-In - Unfortunately, I only have one leave-in that I actually like that is under $10. It's the Dark & Lovely Au Natural Moisture L.O.C. Super Quench Leave-In Spray it's about $8 and leaves your hair super moisturized.

Oils - When it comes to oils I'm a huge fan of coconut oil. I usually use Simply Nature Unrefined, Cold-Pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil, which is about $4 at my local grocery store, but any unrefined, virgin coconut oil will do (the ones in the grocery area are much cheaper than the ones in the medicine/vitamin area). Another great oil to start with is argan oil. This one, this one, and this one are a few of my faves and are all under $8.

Moisturizers - The Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter is one of the best moisturizes I've ever used. It's even better than some of the higher priced products I've tried. It leaves your hair soft and moisturized and also defines your curls. Price wise, it ranges between $5-$7, depending on where you buy it. The Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream is a lighter moisturizer that also defines your curls and its also $5-$7.

Stylers/Gels - The gel that I recommend the most is the Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel. It ranges from $5-$9 depending on what size you get. This stuff gives great hold and a little goes a long way; one jar has lasted me well over 6 months! If you're in need of something with a lighter hold I recommend the Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelee. This is a bit harder to find in stores but I've seen it go for about $3-$5 online.


Wide Tooth Comb - Although I mostly finger detangle these days, I started out with a wide tooth comb to help during the detangling process. The best and least expensive one I've found is the Conair Shower Comb

Spray Bottle - A spray bottle comes in handy if you need to wet some but not all of your hair. These generally aren't too expensive. I found mine for about $2 at Target.

Satin Bonnet/Pillowcase/Scarf - These are key items for natural hair. They provide the best protection for your hair at night. I own all three although I currently can't find my bonnet... My scarves and bonnet were found at my local beauty supply store for no more than $2, and my pillowcase is from here.

Old T-Shirt - The final thing I think every natural needs in their starter kit is an old t-shirt to dry their hair. You never want to use a regular towel because those can snag your curls. And of course, you could always buy one of those slightly pricey microfiber towels (which I do own, but only because I got lucky and found one on sale for $3!). But why bother when a t-shirt works just as well and its absolutely FREE!

What are some affordable products that you would put in your natural hair starter kit?
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