Photoshoot: Pity Party

pity party
Friday, August 14th, was the release of Melanie Martinez's album, Cry Baby. As fans, my friend Niambi and I thought it would be fun to celebrate the release with a photo shoot inspired by her song "Pity Party".

We baked a cake, well sort of... (the cake ended up only half baked because we were a bit impatient lol), and using what little party supplies I had, we took what turned out to be some super cute pictures!

I've been listening to Cry Baby nonstop since it came out! I really like "Cry Baby", "Training Wheels", and "Mad Hatter". If you've listened to the album, which songs are your favorite?
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  1. My favourite songs are definitely Pity Party, Sippy Cup, and Soap :)

    1. I like Sippy Cup too! And the Soap/Training Wheels music video is so good!

  2. These are beautiful. And it is cool to see black cosplayers /Lolita/people that dress up on the internet. I think that it is very few and far between when I see such a gorgeous person do it. Keep it up So I can have more pictures to fan girl over.

  3. Omg I just found this and this is beautiful!