Tiny Talk Tuesday: Tips for Staying Positive While Reaching Your Goals

staying positive while reaching your goals

Very few people have an easy time achieving their goals. And because the act of reaching goals is not a cake walk, many get discouraged and eventually give up. But actually reaching a goal is such an amazing feeling.

I've noticed that the people who usually reach their goals and experience that amazing feeling of success are very positive minded people. But I know that being positive isn't easy for everyone. So, I've come up with a few tips that have helped me stay positive and motivated while reaching a goal.

Tip #1: Don't compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others never feels good. You'll always see others as doing better than you or being better than you. And no one likes to feel like they're not good enough.  If you try to focus more on what you're doing and less on what others are doing, you won't notice who's accomplishing something and who isn't. The less you compare yourself to others the better you'll feel and the more positive you'll be because you won't feel like a 2 surrounded by 10s. Instead, you'll feel like a 10 too!

Tip #2: Be an optimistic realist. Being optimistic is always a good thing when trying to accomplish a goal. But don't be too optimistic. Solely focusing on the sunny side of things and pushing aside reality can lead to rude awakenings when negative situations occur. Let's be honest here, no one's life is sunshine and rainbows 24/7. There are going to be bad times, that's reality. So, when it comes to reaching your goals, instead of sweeping reality under the rug and being a full-time optimist, try embracing the mindset of an optimistic realist. Its okay to be hopeful about the things that you do and their outcomes, but keep in mind that there will be some difficulties at times. And know that that these difficulties are not set backs or excuses to give up on your goals, they're just a part of reality.

Tip #3: Eliminate toxic people. Check out your family and friends. If you're surrounded by  people who don't believe in you and what you're doing or people who are just negative all the time, you should probably remove them from your life. Being around positive people will make it easier for you to stay positive.

Tip #4: Have fun. The journey to reaching your goals should be fun for the most part. Naturally, there will be days where you aren't having the best time. But if everything you're doing to achieve your goal is bringing you down then you're not gonna want to continue. If the actions you're taking to reach your goals are fun you're more likely to enjoy what you're doing and you won't want to give up.

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