Tiny Talk Tuesday: Shine Theory

shine theory

Have you ever seen a girl who looks like she just has her entire life together? She's intelligent, beautiful, and successful. And whenever you see her you can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy?
Well, that used to be me until I read an article by Ann Friedman explaining shine theory.

The idea behind shine theory is that, whenever you come across a woman you would consider successful, instead of hating her, being jealous, or even competing with her, you should befriend her. Many women, including myself, shy away from this idea out of fear of looking bad when compared to the other woman. But the idea is that these women that we admire would rather help other women rise to their level of greatness than put them down. That way, everyone shines!

Surrounding yourself with powerful women will enhance your life greatly.You'll have someone there to push you to do better in everything that you. Someone to talk you out of that bad relationship because she knows you deserve better. And she'll be there to give you confidence boosting compliments. And let's be honest, a little boost in confidence never hurt anybody!

Also, I don't know about anyone else but, I always feel a lot better about myself when I'm admiring another girl instead of hating her or trying to compete with her. And maybe its just me, but trying to out do someone is just really tiring and time consuming. The time it takes to dislike another women for doing her best could be spent bettering myself. Or encouraging another woman to do better.

And with most of society making it their job to pit women against each other these days, I think we should all embrace the idea of shine theory. If we work to build each other up, it'll make it that much harder for them to tear us apart.

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