Winter Haircare Tips

Winter Haircare Tips
During my first winter with curly hair, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know that during the colder months of the year, hair suffers the most. The harsh elements can be very drying and cause some serious damage to our precious locks.  So, it is extremely important to protect our strands during the winter season. Today I'm sharing some tips that really helped last winter, and that are still working for me this winter.

  1. Moisturize! Moisturizing is the most important thing to do to your hair, ever. But it's especially important during the winter. Oil treatments, co-washing more and shampooing less, and using a deep conditioner/hair mask often are great ways to add extra moisture to your strands. But I highly recommend adding the LOC/LCO method to your routine for maximum moisture. 
  2. Try protective styles, such as wigs, braids/twists, or simply keeping your hair in a bun. Protective styles are a great way to protect your hair (especially your ends) for the winter chill. Also, they don't require as much attention.  So, you aren't constantly needing to manipulate or style your hair. 
  3. If you aren't a fan of protective styles, like me, then I suggest trying a hair wrap. I love wrapping my hair in a really cute scarf. Not only are hair wraps great fashion statements but they're great at protecting your during the winter. Or covering up a bad hair day!
  4. Try wearing a satin/silk cap or scarf under your hats and beanies. Most winter hats are made of material that can damage or break your strands. Something that's on my wishlist is a SLAP. It's basically a cute, stylish beaning designed to not ruin your hair. 

What do you do to protect your hair during the winter?

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