What's In My Bag? - Winter Edition

What's In My Purse?

The Bag

My bag is from Forever 21. I purchased it in the summer during my search for a simple and small, but not too small, black bag. I saw this one and fell in love. It's perfect. It's usable during any season and has multiple compartments to hold all my junk, both necessary and unnecessary.

I never leave the house without these three things, I don't know anyone who does. My wallet, holds important things like, my I.D. and billions of dollars. I'm lying, there's like $2 in there. Maybe. As a person who enjoys being home, I need my keys. And I have to have my phone with me at all times, not because I have millions of friends to talk to, but to listen to music.

Little Things
My planner, because I like to write down notes and important dates while I'm out; if I put it in my phone I'll just forget. A pen, can't write in a planner with a pen, right? Tissues, because I'm no longer 2 years old and it's not acceptable to walk around with a runny nose. This winter weather and dry hands and lips just don't go well together, so I always make sure I have my Bath & Body Works lotion and Smith's Rosebud Salve. I never know when my lungs are gonna decide to hate me, so I carry my inhaler just in case (this should probably go under necessities). Glasses cleaners, nothing is worse than smudged glasses. Nothing. 

What's in your bag this winter?

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